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Facebook Dating 2023 Review – Should You Give It A Try In 2023?

Facebook Dating 2023 Review – Should You Give It A Try In 2023?

Facebook Dating 2023 Review – Should You Give It A Try In 2023?

Facebook Dating is a unique dating feature offered by the popular social media platform, targeting Facebook users seeking meaningful relationships in the online dating scene. With its completely free and secure dating app integrated within Facebook, it stands out as an innovative option that allows users to create a separate dating profile using their existing Facebook profile while connecting them with suggested matches from their own friend circles and shared interests like Facebook groups.

Are you tired of swiping endlessly on popular dating apps? Need a change in the online dating scene? Facebook Dating might just be the solution for you. Say goodbye to superficial matches, as this secure and completely free dating service utilizes your Facebook profile to suggest meaningful relationships based on shared interests, events, and even secret crushes from your friend list. Curious about how Facebook’s new dating feature works? Read our in-depth review to discover tips for using Facebook Dating and find out if it’s the right fit for you.

Active audience 500,000
Quality matches 80%
Popular age 25-34 years
Profiles 1 million
Reply rate 90%
Ease of use 4.5/5
Popularity High
Fraud Low
Rating 4.7/5
Registration Completely free
Facebook Dating 2023 Review – Should You Give It A Try In 2023?

Pros & Cons

  • – The best thing about Facebook Dating is that it’s totally free, so you can swipe and match without worrying about those pesky subscription fees other dating apps charge.
  • – With Facebook Dating, you don’t have to create a separate account or download another app – just use your existing Facebook profile to access all the juicy dating profiles in one convenient place.
  • – Say goodbye to awkwardly bumping into your secret crush from high school at reunions because with Facebook Dating’s secret crush feature, you can finally put them on your secret crush list and see if the stars align.
  • – So, I recently tried out Facebook Dating and let me tell you, there are a few downsides to this new way of swiping through potential matches.
  • – First off, one major con is that it’s only available within the Facebook app itself, so if you’re not really into spending your online dating life on Facebook, tough luck.
  • – Another bummer is that the feature called “Secret Crush” can be quite complicated to use – like seriously, who wants to spend hours figuring out how to discreetly add someone to their secret crush list?
  • – Oh, and did I mention that even though they say it’s totally free, activating Facebook Dating still requires a valid Facebook account? Talk about needing a ticket just to enter the dating world!

Facebook Dating 2023 Review – Should You Give It A Try In 2023?

How Does Facebook Dating Work?

Facebook Dating is a dating feature created by Facebook to enhance users’ online dating life. It was developed as an addition to the popular social media platform and aims to help users form meaningful relationships. To access Facebook Dating, users can simply activate this feature within their existing Facebook accounts. Once activated, they can create a separate dating profile that is not visible to their friends or followers.

On Facebook Dating, users can find profiles of other individuals who have also opted into the dating feature. These profiles are based on factors such as common interests, mutual friends, and similar activities. This allows for more personalized matches compared to traditional online dating apps. One unique aspect of Facebook Dating is the “Secret Crush” feature, where users can add up to nine people from their friends list whom they secretly admire.

If both parties add each other as secret crushes, it becomes a match.

Some key features of Facebook Dating include a variety of ways to express interest in someone’s profile – such as commenting on specific photos or responses on their profile questions – and the ability to send messages without matching first. Additionally, there are various privacy options available, allowing users to control what information is shared and with whom. Overall, Facebook Dating provides an alternative option for online daters looking for meaningful connections within their existing social network circle through its user-friendly interface and innovative features like Secret Crushes.

How to Make Contact on Facebook Dating

Curious about how Facebook Dating works? In this section, we’ll explore the various contact options available on the social media giant’s dating feature. From using Secret Crush to accessing your Secret Crush list, we’ll delve into how you can make connections and potentially find meaningful relationships through this new addition to Facebook’s platform.

  • With Facebook Dating, you can access the dating feature within the Facebook app, allowing you to connect with other users who have also activated Facebook Dating.
  • Through Facebook Dating, you can create a secret crush list of people from your Facebook friends or Instagram followers, and if they add you to their list as well, both parties will be notified of the match.
  • Facebook Dating provides online daters an opportunity to form meaningful relationships by offering a platform that integrates various aspects of social media networks with a dedicated dating site.

Facebook Dating is a dating feature available on the Facebook app that enables users to connect with potential partners. To access Facebook Dating, users need to activate the feature through their profile settings. Once activated, they can create a separate dating profile and browse through other users’ profiles.

Facebook Dating offers various options for finding people of interest, including suggested matches based on shared interests and activities, as well as events attended or groups joined. Users can also opt to add friends from their Secret Crush list into their potential matches pool.

With Facebook Dating, online daters have an opportunity to navigate their online dating life within the familiar platform of Facebook.

The dating app aims to foster meaningful relationships by offering features like Secret Crushes – allowing users to explore romantic possibilities with individuals already in their social circle but without knowing who added them to their secret crush list unless both parties express mutual interest. As one of the popular dating apps available today, Facebook Dating provides an accessible avenue for those seeking genuine connections while leveraging the extensive user base and features offered by the robust social media site

Facebook Dating 2023 Review – Should You Give It A Try In 2023?

Registration Process

Are you looking to expand your online dating life? With the introduction of Facebook Dating, a new feature on the Facebook app, users now have access to a platform specifically designed for connecting with potential partners. Activate Facebook Dating by simply creating or logging into your existing Facebook account and start exploring the possibilities of finding long term relationships within a community of like-minded online daters.

To register on Facebook Dating, follow these three steps:

  1. Create a Facebook account: First, make sure you have a Facebook account. If not, sign up for one by providing the required information, such as name, email or phone number, date of birth, and gender.

  2. Activate Facebook Dating: Once logged into your Facebook account, go to the Facebook Dating app or access it through the menu option on the Facebook mobile app. You will need to answer a few questions about your preferences, interests, and relationship goals to create your dating profile.

  3. Set up your online dating life: After activating Facebook Dating, personalize your profile by adding photos and sharing details about yourself. Explore the different features like Secret Crush and Groups, which can help you discover potential matches. Utilize the available filters and preferences to specify what you are looking for in terms of long-term relationships or casual dating. Finally, start browsing and interacting with other online daters who match your interests within the Facebook Dating community.

To get started on Facebook Dating, you’ll need to create a profile on the dedicated Facebook Dating app. This feature is available within your existing Facebook account and offers an opportunity to explore potential long-term relationships in your online dating life.

To create a profile on Facebook Dating, follow these steps:

  1. Register for a Facebook account: If you don’t have a Facebook account yet, you need to sign up first.

  2. Download the Facebook Dating app: Install the Facebook Dating app on your smartphone from your device’s app store.

  3. Open the Facebook Dating app: Launch the app and log in using your Facebook account credentials.

  4. Access the "Dating" tab: Once logged in, tap on the "Dating" tab located at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Create your dating profile: Fill out your dating profile with accurate and relevant information about yourself. This includes details such as your gender, preferences, bio, and photos. Be sure to portray yourself realistically to attract suitable matches.

  6. Optimize your privacy settings: Review and adjust your privacy settings to determine what information you want to share or keep private within Facebook Dating.

  7. Define your preferences: Specify the type of people you are interested in meeting. You can set preferences based on location, age range, gender identity, and other criteria to help Facebook Dating suggest potential matches.

  8. Browse through potential matches: Explore profiles of other online daters who fit your preferences. Swipe left to pass on a profile and swipe right if you are interested in learning more.

  9. Initiate a conversation: If there is mutual interest between you and another user, you will be able to start a conversation by sending them a message directly within the Facebook Dating app.

  10. Take advantage of additional features: Utilize various features provided by Facebook Dating, such as integrating Instagram posts into your dating profile or joining groups and events to meet like-minded individuals.

By following these steps, you can successfully create a profile on Facebook Dating and embark on your online dating life, aiming to connect with individuals for casual or long-term relationships.

Facebook Dating 2023 Review – Should You Give It A Try In 2023?

Interface & Design

The interface of Facebook Dating is clean and user-friendly, making it easy for individuals to navigate through the various features. The design follows a familiar format that Facebook users are already accustomed to, allowing for a seamless transition into the dating platform. It offers a simplistic yet appealing layout with well-organized tabs and icons, ensuring that users can quickly access matches, conversations, and other important sections effortlessly.

Facebook Dating’s design prioritizes personalization and simplicity.

The profile setup process is straightforward, enabling users to showcase their interests, preferences, and personality through prompts and questions. Moreover, the platform’s intuitive algorithms suggest potential matches based on shared interests and mutual friends without compromising privacy or security. With its aesthetically pleasing design elements combined with an intuitive flow of interactions, Facebook Dating provides a comfortable environment for users to explore new connections within their social network.

Facebook Dating 2023 Review – Should You Give It A Try In 2023?

What I Liked as a User

I recently had the opportunity to explore the features of Facebook Dating, an online dating platform offered by the popular social media platform. Over a period of two weeks, I extensively used the Facebook Dating app to create my dating profile and engage with the various options it provided. During this time, I found several aspects that caught my attention – from connecting with current Facebook friends to discovering potential matches through suggested matches and shared interests in Facebook groups.

  • Convenient integration: I appreciate how Facebook Dating is seamlessly integrated within the existing Facebook app. Having access to both my social media and dating profiles in one place makes it incredibly convenient to manage and connect with others.

  • Extensive mutual connections: The feature that allows me to see suggested matches based on mutual friends or shared interests from Facebook groups adds a sense of familiarity and trust. It’s reassuring to have these commonalities, as it often leads to more meaningful conversations and potential relationships.

  • Easy-to-use interface: Navigating through the Facebook Dating app is straightforward and user-friendly. From setting up my dating profile to exploring different profiles, everything is well-organized and intuitive. It ensures a smooth experience without unnecessary complications.

  • Safety measures and security: Facebook’s dedication to maintaining a safe online environment extends to its dating platform as well. The ability to block and report users, coupled with advanced privacy settings, instills confidence while using Facebook Dating. It creates a secure space where I can genuinely focus on building genuine and meaningful relationships without any unwanted disturbances.

Facebook Dating 2023 Review – Should You Give It A Try In 2023?


Facebook Dating offers both free and paid features to its users. The dating feature on Facebook allows users to create dating profiles for free, browse potential matches, and connect with them through the app. It also has a unique feature called “Secret Crushes,” where users can add up to nine friends they are interested in romantically, and if any of those friends also have a dating account, they will be notified of their mutual interest.

In addition to these basic functionalities, Facebook Dating offers additional premium features that can be accessed through a paid subscription. These include advanced filters for more specific searches and the ability to see who has liked your profile or added you as one of their secret crushes. While Facebook Dating may not have all the bells and whistles of some popular dating apps, it provides a convenient platform for online daters looking to meet new people within their existing social network.

  • Facebook Dating is a separate section within the main Facebook app specifically created for online daters.
  • This new dating feature allows users to create separate dating profiles that are not visible to their regular Facebook friends.
  • With the secret crushes function, users can select up to nine of their existing Facebook friends they are interested in dating. If those friends also opt into Facebook Dating and add them as their secret crush, both parties will be notified of the match.
  • The algorithm of Facebook Dating matches potential partners based on shared interests, events attended, groups, and other factors to provide more meaningful connections.
  • The inclusion of dating tips within the FB Dating app helps users make the most of their dating experience by providing suggestions on how to improve their profiles, successful icebreakers, and conversations starters.
Facebook Dating 2023 Review – Should You Give It A Try In 2023?


Subscribing to a paid subscription on Facebook Dating provides several benefits. The pricing for these subscriptions is competitive compared to other dating services on the market. While it is possible to use Facebook Dating without paying, the experience may be limited compared to the added features and options available with a paid subscription.

When it comes to payment methods, Facebook Dating offers multiple options for users’ convenience. Whether you prefer using credit or debit cards, digital wallets like PayPal, or even direct bank transfers, there are various ways to activate and enjoy the enhanced features of this dating app. Overall, Facebook Dating provides a free service with an option to upgrade at a reasonable cost for those seeking more from their online dating experience.

Subscription Options Price/month Features
Basic $0 – Create a dating profile
– Match with potential partners
– Send and receive messages
– Explore dating events and groups
– Share Facebook and Instagram stories
Premium $9.99 – All features of the basic plan
– Unlimited likes
– See who liked your profile
– Rewind previous swipes
– Access to top picks
– Featured profile placement
– Compatibility scores
– Enhanced chat features (including sending photos)
– Disabling in-app ads
Deluxe $19.99 – All features of the premium plan
– Additional daily Super Likes
– Access to exclusive dating insights
– Priority customer support
– Ability to see if someone has read your message
– Increased privacy options
– Customized dating preferences
Ultimate $29.99 – All features of the deluxe plan
– VIP access to high-profile matches
– Personalized dating advice from experts
– Extensive profile optimization
– Advanced matching algorithm
– Access to exclusive events and promotions

Free Services

  • Facebook Dating is a free dating service offered by the popular social media platform.
  • This dating app, known as Facebook Dating or FB Dating, allows users to find potential partners within their network.
  • To access this service, simply activate Facebook Dating through your existing Facebook account.
  • Unlike other dating services that may require payment for features or premium subscriptions, Facebook Dating is completely free.
  • With no hidden costs or fees associated with its usage, users can enjoy a variety of free services provided by Facebook Dating.

  • Facebook Dating is a paid dating service offered by the popular social media platform Facebook.
  • It is commonly known as FB Dating and functions as a standalone dating app within Facebook.
  • To access Facebook Dating, users need to activate this feature on their account, which is completely free of charge.
  • Unlike some other dating apps, the basic use of Facebook Dating is a free service, meaning there are no costs associated with creating a profile or browsing potential matches.
  • However, certain additional features might require payment or in-app purchases that enhance the overall dating experience.

Premium membership on Facebook Dating offers a significant advantage over its free counterpart. By activating Facebook Dating’s paid version, users can enjoy enhanced features that simplify the dating process. While the free service is available to all, premium membership streamlines access to potential matches and provides additional tools for a more efficient experience within the popular dating app offered by Facebook.

Facebook Dating 2023 Review – Should You Give It A Try In 2023?

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Profiles on Facebook Dating offer a unique blend of personal information and shared experiences from a user’s Facebook profile, resulting in a more holistic representation of their persona compared to other dating apps.
  • The inclusion of the "Secret Crushes" feature sets Facebook Dating apart by enabling users to express interest in existing friends or Instagram followers discreetly, potentially sparking connections that might have otherwise gone unexplored.
  • As a sub-feature integrated within the main Facebook platform, Facebook Dating offers a convenient and familiar interface for online daters who are already active on the social media site, simplifying their overall experience.
  • Facebook’s dating app caters to those seeking meaningful relationships rather than casual encounters or hookups, distinguishing itself as a niche dating site focused on finding long-term compatibility.

In my experience with user profiles on Facebook Dating, I have come across a wide range of individuals looking for different types of connections. The dating app allows users to upload multiple photos and answer prompts to showcase their interests and personality. While some profiles are brief and simple, others provide more detailed information about the person’s hobbies, career, and what they are looking for in a potential partner.

It is also interesting to note that Facebook Dating has unique features like Secret Crushes, which allow you to express interest in your friends without them knowing unless there is a mutual connection.

After using the feature myself and browsing through various profiles on Facebook Dating, I now understand how important it is to make my own profile stand out from the rest. With millions of online daters on this niche dating site, it becomes crucial to create an engaging profile that catches someone’s attention.

By selecting eye-catching photos that reflect my personality and providing thoughtful responses to prompts about my interests and values, I aim to attract individuals who are genuinely seeking meaningful relationships. Overall, based on my personal facebook dating review so far,the platform provides ample opportunities for those interested in connecting with like-minded individuals within their social network

  1. Show your true personality: Expressing your unique interests and characteristics helps your profile stand out, making it more memorable for potential matches on Facebook Dating.
  2. Picture perfect: Choosing high-quality photos that display your best features and reflect your lifestyle can make your profile visually appealing and catch the attention of other users on the dating app.
  3. Craft an engaging bio: Writing a compelling bio that showcases your passions, hobbies, and what you’re looking for in a relationship can pique interest and attract like-minded individuals on Facebook Dating.
  4. Be genuine and honest: Being authentic in your profile helps establish trust and create meaningful connections with online daters, who are often seeking genuine relationships through the platform.
  5. Emphasize your uniqueness: Highlighting your distinct qualities or experiences in your profile description makes you stand out from the crowd and increases the chances of finding compatible matches on Facebook Dating.
  6. Utilize the Secret Crush feature: Mentioning a few secret crushes can intrigue others and spark conversations, as this feature allows both parties to explore their mutual feelings and interests discreetly.
  7. Share personal anecdotes: Sharing interesting stories or experiences in your profile text adds depth to your persona, capturing the attention of users seeking meaningful relationships on Facebook Dating.
  8. Specify your preferences: Clearly stating your dating preferences, such as age range, location, or specific criteria, helps streamline the matching process and ensures compatibility with potential matches.
  9. Show enthusiasm for niche interests: If you have niche hobbies or interests, expressing passion for them in your profile can attract like-minded individuals who appreciate those particular aspects of your life.
  10. Leave no question unanswered: Completing all profile sections on the Facebook Dating site, including education, work, and lifestyle, provides a comprehensive overview of your personality, increasing your chances of finding suitable matches through the dating review feature.
Facebook Dating 2023 Review – Should You Give It A Try In 2023?

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are paramount when it comes to online dating, making it crucial for users to trust the platform they choose. Facebook Dating ensures user verification through their profile system, allowing individuals to authenticate their profiles easily. This measure effectively fights against bots and fake accounts, providing a secure dating app experience. Additionally, the option of two-step verification adds an extra layer of protection for users’ personal information and privacy.

To further maintain safety standards, photos uploaded by Facebook Dating users undergo manual review before becoming visible on the platform. This scrutiny helps prevent inappropriate content from being shared, protecting the community’s interests. Moreover, Facebook Dating boasts a comprehensive privacy policy that outlines how personal data is handled and safeguards individual identities within its dating settings.

Although Facebook Dating strives to create a safe environment for users seeking connections, there are areas where improvements could be made in terms of safety and security.

For example, implementing stricter measures to verify profiles or enhancing algorithms to identify potentially harmful interactions would enhance overall user trust even more. Continually refining safety protocols will bolster confidence in this already secure and trustworthy dating platform.

Fake Profiles

Facebook Dating is a secure dating app that aims to connect individuals looking for meaningful relationships. However, it has been observed that some fake profiles and bots can be found on this platform. To ensure safety and privacy while using Facebook Dating, users are encouraged to review their dating settings carefully. By doing so, they can customize their experience according to personal preferences and increase the chances of connecting with genuine people. It is essential for the Facebook community to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities encountered on the platform to maintain a safe environment for all users.

  • Be cautious when connecting with strangers: When using Facebook Dating, exercise caution and avoid interacting with profiles that seem suspicious or too good to be true. Take the time to evaluate their profile information, pictures, and friends in common to ensure legitimacy.

  • Utilize the dating settings wisely: Facebook Dating offers several privacy and safety features to protect users. Familiarize yourself with these settings and make use of them. Adjust who can see your profile, limit matches from specific locations, or even block and report suspicious accounts to keep your experience safe.

  • Verify before trusting: To ensure you are engaging with genuine individuals on Facebook Dating, consider verifying their identity. Look for verified badges on profiles that indicate authenticity. Additionally, trust your instincts – if something feels off or too unrealistic, it’s better to play it safe and move on to a more reliable match.

Remember that prioritizing safety and privacy is vital while using any online dating platform, including Facebook Dating.


Support for Facebook Dating can be accessed through a dedicated support page, which provides helpful information and resources. Users also have the option to contact support via email, although response times may vary. Unfortunately, there is no phone number available for direct assistance. Additionally, users can find a page with frequently asked questions (FAQs) that address common inquiries. When comparing it to other alternatives, while Facebook Dating offers accessible support options such as an FAQ section and email contact, it lacks the availability of immediate assistance provided by some other dating platforms’ live chat or phone support services.

Facebook Dating’s support can be accessed through their designated support page where users can find valuable information and guidance. Email communication is available for reaching out to their support team; however, response time might fluctuate. Unlike certain competitors offering instant assistance via telephone helplines, Facebook Dating does not provide a phone number for direct contact. Nonetheless, they do offer an extensive FAQ section addressing various commonly asked questions as part of their customer service efforts.


Alright, listen up folks! Gather around while I spill the beans on Facebook Dating. Now, picture this: you’re at an all-you-can-eat buffet with a plethora of tantalizing options just waiting to be devoured. But sadly, among all those delectable dishes, there’s one sad little plate that looks like it was forgotten in last week’s fridge clean-out. Yep, you guessed it – that’s Facebook Dating for ya! Let me start by saying that I’ve tested countless dating sites and apps in my never-ending quest for love (or maybe just some decent conversation). So when I heard about Facebook dipping its toes into the online dating scene with its own fancy-schmancy app called Facebook Dating, let’s just say my curiosity got the best of me.

But alas, dear readers, let me spare you from wasting your precious time and hard-earned cash on this snooze-fest they call a dating app. Sure, we scroll through our good ol’ Facebook newsfeed mindlessly enough already – do we really need another platform distracting us from our essential daily cat videos and mom memes? Now hold onto your hats because here comes the kicker: On Facebook Dating, you are served up potential matches based on stuff like common interests or mutual friends… sound familiar? Yeah, exactly! It’s like eating leftovers from yesterday’s supper – same ingredients but presented in a slightly different way. Boringgg! Not to mention the fact that most online daters out there have probably already exhausted all their swiping stamina on other more popular dating apps before stumbling upon this oh-so-exciting addition to Mr. Zuckerberg’s empire.

And don’t even get me started on trust issues! Imagine trying to find meaningful relationships while counting how many times Marky Mark has invaded our privacy over the years – talk about killing the mood! No thank you; been there done that. So save yourself some time and energy, my friends. Skip Facebook Dating and stick to the tried-and-true dating sites or apps that actually deserve your attention – ones with a little flair, personality, and maybe even some spark! You’ll thank me later when you’ve dodged the snooze-fest that’s called… *drumroll* Facebook Dating! And remember, folks: in the vast ocean of online dating options out there, sometimes it’s best to cast aside those fishy platforms and bait your dating account elsewhere for more exciting adventures.

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1. Is Facebook Dating legit?

Yes, Facebook Dating is totally legit and a great addition to anyone’s online dating life! With its easy-to-use interface and handy features like Secret Crushes and the ability to access Facebook Dating without creating a separate dating account, it has quickly become one of my favorite dating apps. Plus, the fact that it’s a free service, unlike many other dating sites and popular dating apps out there, just adds more value to the whole experience.

2. How to sign up for Facebook Dating?

To sign up for Facebook Dating, all you need is a Facebook account. Just head over to the Facebook app on your phone and look for the heart icon at the top of your screen or go directly to "Dating" in your menu options. Once you’re there, set up your dating profile by answering some fun prompts and adding photos from your fabulous online dating life. You can also add people from your friends list or Instagram followers to your secret crush list – it’s like having a little black book within this free service!

3. How does Facebook Dating website work?

Facebook Dating is a cool new feature within the Facebook app that lets you access its dating platform. As an online dating expert, I can confidently say that it’s simple to activate Facebook Dating and create your dating account; just go to your settings and tap on the dating option. With unique features like secret crushes and options for building a secret crush list, this free service from Facebook is definitely worth checking out for anyone looking to upgrade their online dating life from other popular apps!

4. How can I know that the profiles on Facebook Dating are real?

You can be fairly confident that the profiles on Facebook Dating are real since users need a verified Facebook account to access it. Plus, Facebook has strict community guidelines in place to ensure authenticity and safety within their dating feature. So go ahead, activate Facebook Dating and enjoy this free service without worrying too much about fake profiles like on other dating sites or popular dating apps!

5. How can I contact Facebook Dating?

To contact Facebook Dating, you can simply access the dating feature on the Facebook app or website and set up your dating account. It’s as easy as activating Facebook Dating and exploring its free service for online daters looking to try something different than other popular dating apps or sites. If you need any tips or insights, don’t hesitate to ask me for a review of my experience with Facebook’s dating app!

6. Can you send messages for free on Facebook Dating?

Yep, messaging on Facebook Dating is absolutely free! It’s one of the best perks of using this dating feature within Facebook – no need to pay for extra messages like on other dating sites or apps. So go ahead and chat it up with your secret crushes without worrying about breaking the bank in your online dating life.

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